Vector street map of Hungary

DSM-10 digital street map is a vector format GIS database of Hungary. Contains the road and railway network of all Hungarian settlements and the administrative boundaries.

Administrative boundaries (NUTS0-NUTS5), ZIP codes, districts, road network (from main roads to streets) with road numbers and street names for all Hungarian settlement, railway network with stations and line numbers, hidrogeology elements, built up areas and more.

ArcHungary contents more than 25 different vector and raster layers with polygon, line, and point elements.


  • Administrative boundaries (NUTS0-NUTS5)
  • Built up areas, Industrial areas,
  • Road buffers,
  • Lakes, main rivers

Lines and points

  • main roads (highways, freeways, motorways, etc.)
  • roads, local roads, streets
  • railroads,
  • smaller rivers, canals

“Optional layers*”

  • label layers
  • addresses by points
  • unique buffers
  • others (asked by customer)

*The optional layers aren’t included in basic database, and have unique price.

The database is being updated in every three months – March, June, September and December.

Technical parameters

Map scale 1:10 000
Type vector database
Format and/or ArcGIS.shape
Coordinates WGS84 and/or EOV
  • administrative boundraies,
  • road network, streets
  • railway-network, stations
  • airports, ferries, border crossings
  • other different vector layers,
  • other different raster layers,

Related databases

Based on the DSM-10 database of Hungarian settlements we generate some other GIS database of Hungary:

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Price list

Categories by number of inhabitants Price (HUF) + VAT
Budapest 750 000 HUF
Debrecen, Győr, Miskolc, Pécs, Szeged 199 000 HUF
Kecskemét, Nyíregyháza, Székesfehérvár 159 000 HUF
settlements with more than 40.000 inhabitants 99 000 HUF
settlements with 30 – 40.000 inhabitants 79 000 HUF
settlements with 20 – 30.000 inhabitants 64 000 HUF
settlements with 5 – 20.000 inhabitants 49 000 HUF
settlements with less than 5.000 inhabitants 9.000 HUF

Special offer

You can buy the vector street map database of Hungary by settlement, by counties or by your own settlement list.

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We have updated our databases four times a year.

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