The administrative vector map of Hungary

ArcHungary – The administrative map of Hungary

Arc Hungary is a vector format GIS database of Hungary with road network and railway network, administrative boundaries (NUTS0-NUTS5), ZIP codes and hidrogeological objects.

How to use ArcHungary Map

If you have a GIS software, you can use ArcHungary map:

  • as a basic map to create tematic maps by administrative units of Hungary
  • as an overview map of Hungary
  • to define different type of districts, like catchment areas or sales territories
  • etc.

Used by ArcHungary map easy to visualising the relationships between data and geography!

This map is updated four times a year with following of changes of road network and administrative boundaries in Hungary. Time and date of updates »

ArcHungary map contains more than 30 different vector and raster layers with polygon, line, and point elements.


  • Administrative boundaries (NUTS0-NUTS5)
  • ZIP codes,
  • electoral districts,
  • administrative districts of Budapest,
  • neighbourhoods of cities,
  • inner areas of cities, built up areas
  • lakes, rivers,
  • Natural Reservation Areas

The database is updated four times a year. Time and date of updates »

Lines and points

  • main roads (highways, freeways, motorways, etc.)
  • roads, local roads,
  • highway junctions, lay-by
  • railroads, and railway stations
  • airports, ferries, border crossing points
  • smaller rivers, canals

Raster Layers

  • Forests,
  • Relief,
  • Satellite,
  • Raster map of ArcHungary*
  • Hierarchy of administrative boundaries

*Raster map is created from GeoXRaster map.

This map is available in and ESRI.shape format, EOV or WGS84 coordinates. If you have any questions, contact us »

Technical parameters

Map scale 1:250 000
Type vector database
Format and/or ArcGIS.shape
Coordinates WGS84 and/or EOV
Vector layers
  • administrative boundraies,
  • districts of Budapest,
  • ZIP codes and district areas of main cities
  • main roads, junctions, lay-by
  • railway-network and stations,
  • airports, ferries, border crossings
  • hidrogeology elements,
  • forests, Nature Reservation Areas
Raster layers
  • relief
  • ArcHungay raster map
  • Administrative boundaries by counties and small regions

Sreet level vector map

You can combine ArcHungary map and DSM-10 street level vector map of Hungary. The periods of updates , type, map format and coordinates are similar of these two maps.

Data join

You can join statistical database, as ArcData database to ArcHungary map using administrative boundaries layers.

You can join drive-time database to ArcHungary map to analysecatchment areas, or drive-time zones of cities, or zip codes of Hungary.

If you have questions, contact us »

Base price of ArcHungary map

Licences by number of users Price (HUF) + VAT
Single-user licence 398 000 HUF
Multi-users licence 498 000 HUF

List of user references »

*Price of updates depends on the time:

  • in 1. year: 30% – continuous update after order
  • in 2. year: 60% – more than a year from the date of order
  • in 3. year: 90% – more than two years from the date of order
  • from 4. year: 100% – more than tree years from the date of order

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