Geocoding and address cleaning services

Geocoding (and forward geocoding) is the process of enriching a description of a location, most typically a postal address or place name, with geographic coordinates from spatial reference data such as building polygons, land parcels, street addresses, ZIP codes and so on. Geocoding facilitates spatial analysis using Geographic Information Systemsand Enterprise Location Intelligence systems.

When do you need geocoding?

If you have a customer or partner database that contains addresses, or you have a location based service, and you want to visualize or analyze relationships between data and geography you first have to know the locatoin (lat, lon coordinates) of your partners.

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GeoX Geokódoló működése MapInfo szoftverben

Our geocoding services help to find the locations of addresses in Hungary, in the same time help to unify the incorrect datas by address cleaning.

Off-line geocoding service for Hungary

  • We offer you the off-line geocoding service if you would like to geocoding at once large number of addresses with address cleaning.
  • Process: You send us the source data, we geocoding and cleaning the database and we send back it to you with coordinates, cleaned addresses and quality codes.
  • Price depends on the numbers and quality of source data.

Web based geocoding service for Hungary

  • You can geocoding your addresses in your web based applicatoin or service.
  • Usable for geocoding continuously variable addresses.
  • Address cleaning and invers geocoding is available too.
  • Quality codes.

Geocoding service for MapInfo software

  • A special type of our geocoding service.
  • Run the special mapbasic program to use the service.
  • Internet connection needed.


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Geocoding service is available only in Hungary. The service based on address database of DSM-10 vector street map of Hungary.

Off-line geocoding services

  • .txt or .xlsx format
  • EOV and WGS84 coordinates
  • quality codes
  • automatical and manual geocoding service
  • address cleaning by keeping the original address data
  • EOV and WGS84 coordinates

Automatical geocoding means: we don’t check the quality code of geocoding, just give it back.

Manual geocoding means: after the automatically geocoding we check the quality code of geocoding.  We try to correct  those addresses, which does not reach the address level matching.

The full price is depend on the percentage of manual geocoding. Before the manual geocoding we inform you, and you can decide to ask it or not.

Web based geocoding service

The geocoding service is based on XML-RPC.

The list of available functions:

  • User authentication
  • Service status check
  • User status
  • Geocoding with address correction
  • Address correction
  • Geocoding
  • Reverse geocoding in EOV coordinate system 
  • Reverse geocoding in WGS coordinate system 

All the functions require user authentication so that each new session must start first with the geoxgcode3.login function call.

Geocoding service for MapInfo Software

  • password protected service
  • install the service pack
  • quality codes
  • EOV and WGS84 coordinates

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Web based service

150 000 HUF

per year
  • including 40 000 address geocoding

Web based service

70 000 HUF

per month
  • include 10 000 address geocoding

Geocoding service for MapInfo

70 000 HUF

per month
  • for MapInfo software

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