Points of Interest in Hungary

POIX – Points of Interest – database of Hungary. retail, accomodation, education, health, transport and more. Service places in one database with contact information (name, address, phone, etc.) and GPS coordinates for Business GIS analysis and navigation solutions.

All POIX elements are classified by categories and sub categories. The database has updated four times a year, and contains the location data too.

The POIX database is available by settlements, or by categories for all Hungarian settlements. The database can be joined to map, or integrated to your own database. We provide our location based GIS services using POIX database.

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Detailed database structure is available in technical details.

Main categories of POIX database

The main categories of POIX database of Hungary:

  • Accomodation,
  • Commerce,
  • Education and Health,
  • Industry,
  • Infrastructure,
  • Sport and Entertainment,
  • Transport

Content of POI database

For each POI element you can find four differend kind of data:

  • identifying data,
  • contact data,
  • GPS coordinates,
  • additional data.

You can buy the POIX database of Hungary by settlement or by categories. The price of database depends on the type and number of ordered settlements and/or categories.

POIX categories and number of elements

Category Number of POIs
Accomodation, eating and drinking (Accomodation) 7 561
Accomodation, eating and drinking (Eating) 10 825
Infrastructure (Government) 8 602
Infrastructure (Infrastructure support) 1 435
Infrastructure (Organization) 2 760
Infrastructure (Public accessibile facilities) 16 741
Education and Health (General education) 13 138
Education and Health (Recreational and vocational education) 4 946
Education and Health (Medical establishment) 19 228
Education and Health (Health practitioners) 14 069
Education and Health (Animal welfare) 255
Sport and Entertainment (Outdoor pursuits) 4 144
Sport and Entertainment (Place of amusement) 772

Category Number of POIs
Sport and Entertainment (Gambling) 541
Sport and Entertainment (Tourist attraction) 1 281
Transport (Road) 1 089
Transport (Rail) 1 604
Transport (Air) 56
Transport (Water) 233
Commerce (Wholesale trade) 22
Commerce (Service) 32 899
Commerce (Retail trade) 32 186
Industry and agriculture (Industry) 239
Industry and agriculture (Agriculture) 7
 SUM Total 175 500

valid from 01.01.2018

How can use POIX database

You can integrate POIX database to your own GIS solution, as:

  • map based searching service,
  • location based services,
  • navigation systems.

You can use POIX for Business GIS analysis:

  • site selection process,
  • catchment area analysis,
  • sales territory analysis,
  • market penetration analysis.

GIS services based on POIX database

We provide our map based GIS services for your Business GIS analysis process.

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POIX database structure

All POIX element has the same structure.

Name of field Content of field
1. ID unique ID of POI
2. Név name of POI
3. Kategória kód numeric code of POI category
4. Brand BRAND name of POI (if exist)
5. Kategória név name of POI category
6. ZIP ZIP code of POI address
7. Település Settlement name of POI address
8. Cím address data og POI (if exist)
9. EOVX, EOVY EOV  (special hungarian) coordinates of POI
10. LAT, LONG WGS84 coordinates of POI
11. Pontosság quality code of GPS coordinates of POI
12. Telefonszám phone number of POI (if exist)
13. Fax fax number of POI (if exist)
14. E-mail e-mail of POI (if exist)
15. Web web page of POI (if exist)
16. Megjegyzés comment (opening hours, e.g.)

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POIX – POI database of Hungary collected by categories and sub categories, with periodical reviews and updates.

 Type of collation Price (HUF) + VAT
by categories 50-250 HUF/pc
by settlements 50-250 HUF/pc

The price depends on the type and numbers of ordered settlements or categories.

If you wish, we send a sample database.

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Updates of POIX database

Database prescription can be 30 % per year. That’s why we check the changes in POIX database:

  • data changes of  existing POI – name, contact info, etc.
  • new categories (new BRAND e.g., or new elements in a category),
  • termination of existing POI.

POIX database updates are four times a year in March, June, September, December. You can always buy the latest database.