Custom GIS Solutions

Customised GIS Solutions

Using Location Intelligence is a new feature in decision making process.


By visualising the relationships between data and geography you can get new dimension of analysis. The information-rich maps and graphs can improve strategic decision-making.

  • Geocoding, Geolocation, Geotagging
  • Routing and Navigation
  • Sales Territories and Primary Market Area
  • Field Data Collection
  • Spatial analysis
  • Map Based Market Research

Usability of GeoX Products and Services

Usability of GeoX Products and Services

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GIS Map Solution for State and Local Government Organizations

  • Infrastructure
  • Regional Development
  • Emergency Management and Public Safety

Business to Business

  • Market Research and Poll
  • Logistics
  • Map Based CRM
  • Map Based MIS

Public Services

  • Real Estates
  • Banking
  • Tourism

  • Web based solutions
  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop solutions

We use several open source software for custom solutions.

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